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Resep: Lezat Steak Sauce

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Steak Sauce. Steak sauce is a British brown sauce commonly served as a condiment for beef in the United States and marketed as 'steak sauce'. Steak sauce is normally brown in color, and often made from tomatoes, spices, vinegar, and raisins, and sometimes anchovies. When you're cooking steak, whip up a sauce to go with it.

Steak Sauce This is a steak sauce similar to my favorite brand. Now, I have to admit, I think "steak sauce" is an insult to a good steak, but what I was having tonight wasn't good steaks, it was. Learn to make the best steak sauces: béarnaise. Kamu bisa memasak Steak Sauce menggunakan 10 bahan dan 4 langkah. Begini cara memasaknya :

Bahan Dari Steak Sauce

  1. 1/2 buah bawang bombay.
  2. 2 siung bawang putih.
  3. 1 sdm margarin.
  4. 350 ml air.
  5. 1,5 sdm saus teriyaki.
  6. 1 sdm saus tomat.
  7. 1 sdm saus sambal.
  8. 1 sdm kecap manis.
  9. 1,5 sdm tepung maizena (larutkan dengan sedikit air).
  10. Secukupnya garam, gula, kaldu bubuk.

Finish the perfect steak by serving it with the perfect sauce. There are so many different kinds of easy homemade steak sauce that you'll never need to settle for. These steak sauces are the perfect accompaniment to your homemade steak dinner. This steak sauce is thick and indulgent and the flavor is out of the world, with the restaurant quality that you can make right at home.

Langkah Memasak Steak Sauce

  1. Cincang kecil-kecil bawang Bombay dan bawang putih.
  2. Panaskan margarin. Tumis bawang hingga layu dan harum lalu tambahkan air..
  3. Masak hingga air mendidih. Tambahkan bumbu : saus teriyaki, saus tomat, saus sambal, kecap manis, garam, gula dan kaldu bubuk. Aduk rata dan cicipi rasa. (Sesuai selera ya moms, jika dirasa kurang boleh ditambahkan).
  4. Terakhir, masukkan larutan maizena. Aduk rata hingga saus mengental dan angkat..

Making steak sauce is very easy, costs little, and will prove that you don't need bottled sauces to add flavor and moisture to your steaks. This simple, no-cook recipe can be made in less than two minutes. Steak Sauces and Toppers. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Perk up your steak with one of our quick and easy sauce solutions from creamy blue cheese to punchy chimichurri. You can add or omit indgredients to this sauce to your own taste.